Investor Information

Ultradian Diagnostics represents a unique investment opportunity for early-stage investors. Ultradian has completed a 15 subject 12-hour clinical study, a 20 subject 24-hour clinical study and a 35 subject 100 hr clinical study at SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse NY under the direction of Ruth Weinstock, MD, PhD. The Company was able to achieve these significant milestone for less than $2.5M in equity investment.

The Company operates in a cost-efficient manner to offer investors attractive returns on their investment. Furthermore, the Company possesses the technical know-how and business vision to successfully develop cutting edge technical solutions for critical unmet market needs at a fraction of the cost of our larger competitors.

Ultradian Diagnostics has entered into a strategic partnership with a lage electronics manufacturer to integrate our Gen 2 CGM electronics into a single chip solutoion. This will simplify our assembly process and eventually lead to a low-cost, totally disposable CGM that can be integrated with an insulin pump to create a closed-loop system. This new technology will also advance the minimally and a non-invasive diagnostic capabilities of the Biologue platform into remote patient monitoring, sports medicine, and military applications.

Ultradian has active collaborations with universities allowing us to gain third party validation of the Biologue CGM to advance the technology toward commercialization.

 Other Support:

If you are interested in learning more about Ultradian Diagnostics, please contact our CEO directly at or 518-618-0046.