Patent Applications

Ultradian’s technology is well advanced and initial clinical prototype testing during a pilot study clearly demonstrated our Biologue CGM can accurately track intradermal glucose levels, thus achieving a significant technical milestone. In addition to trade secrets and know-how, Ultradian’s intellectual property portfolio is focused in the following technology areas:

There are US and European patents pending for improved accuracy of in vivo sensor measurements. This technology is covered under the broader category of method, system and device patents for a “Biofouling Self-Compensating Biosensor” (US Pat App. 20070299617). This technology reduces the necessity for frequent fingerstick re-calibration of in vivo sensors thereby greatly improving accuracy. Ultradian’s superior accuracy will have a significant impact on the adoption rate of continuous glucose monitoring as a replacement for fingerstick testing for the management of diabetes.

In February 2010, a utility patent was filed with the USPTO entitled “Microsecond Response Electrochemical Sensors and Methods Thereof” (US Pat App. 20100213079). This IP covers a rapid and unique way to perform in vivo measurements on the scale of microseconds (1 microsecond = 1 millionth of a second) versus minutes for currently marketed devices. This rapid response eliminates sensor lag associated with conventional in vivo sensors. Sensor lag refers to the time it takes for the intradermal glucose sensor to react to changes in glucose concentration. Typical sensor lag is on the order of 3-5 minutes. Any lag time negatively affects the accuracy of in vivo glucose sensors. This IP, combined with the IP in paragraph 1 above, will provide Ultradian with superior accuracy over current in vivo glucose sensors.